Strategies For Combating The Act Of Kidnap

Strategies For Combating The Act Of Kidnap

Strategies for Combating the Act of Kidnap

Objective:- This program has been designed to expose participants to the modus

operandi of kidnappers, preventive strategies as well as methods of resolving kidnap


Program benefit: – At the end of the program, participants will:-

  • Understand how kidnap incidents are planned and executed
  • Know how to respond to kidnap incidents
  • Know how to avoid being a victim of kidnap

Course content

  • Kidnapping and Kidnappers
  • Five Stages of Kidnap
  • The Kidnap Incident
  • Kidnap Response
  • Kidnap Negotiation Skills
  • Kidnap Avoidance and Survival

1st Batch

Date:           5 – 6 March 2020

2nd Batch

Date:           4 – 6  May 2020

Venue:        NIIS Training Centre, 4a, Sawyer Crescent, by Corona School,

Anthony, Lagos

Fees:          N100,000 per participant.

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