Detecting Forgery in Fraud Investigation

Detecting Forgery in Fraud Investigation

Objectives: This program will equip participants with the knowledge of the basic concept of handwriting identification and provide them with practical tips that expedite foreigner detection.

Program Benefits: After completing this program, participants will:-

  • Understand how to identify authentic signatures
  • Know how forgeries are perpetrated
  • Know how to examine documents

Course Content 

A. How forgery is perpetrated

  • School model
  • Common vs unique features
  • Handwriting indicator
  • Elements that affect handwriting
  • voluntary and involuntary features

B. Identifying authentic signatures

  • About authentic signature
  • The range of natural variation
  • Same person, different writing styles
  • Symbolic signatures

C. About forgeries

  • Most common forgeries
  • About forged signatures
  • Case studies

D. Document examination

  • What is a document examiner
  • Training and experience in document examination
  • The art and practice of document examination

1st Batch

Date: 17th– 20th March 2020

2nd Batch

Date:  7th – 10th July 2020

Venue:  NIIS Training Centre, 4a Sawyer Crescent, Anthony, Lagos.

Fee:  #160,000 per participant

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